Top Things To Consider When Choosing A Memory Tree

A memory tree is one of the best ways to commemorate a loved one that has passed on. This can be planted in a memory forest, your garden or in a park (with permission). It is a peaceful and more natural way to remember and commemorate someone and means you have somewhere to go and visit that you can reflect and remember all the good times you had with that person. When it comes to choosing a memory tree, there are a number of things that you need to take into account. Here we have put together some of the top tree considerations when it comes to making your selection.

Think about the climate where the tree will be planted

When you are looking to plant a memory tree, you need to consider the climate where it will be situated. Speak to your local nursery about the growing requirements and how well they will fare in different weathers. Some will need very specific soil conditions, humidity and sunlight levels. You want to ensure that it is the ultimate climate to grow and flourish, so find a tree that is best suited to the climate of where you live or will plant it. Make sure to think about how the climate can change and fluctuate throughout the seasons and find something that won’t be too impacted in harsh winters or very hot summers too.

Consider the growing requirements of your tree, plant or flower

While climate is a very important factor when it comes to the considerations of your memory tree, you also need to think of the other growing requirements. For example, whether it requires sun or shade and if there is a preferred soil type. Some might need soil that is rich in certain minerals, while others might need a more chalky or dry soil to thrive. Be sure to find out how high and quickly your tree or plant might grow and how far the roots will spread. You don't want to cause disruption to other plants in the area - particularly if you are planning your tree in a public space. You will need to think of the drainage for your tree, for example, if it will be placed at the bottom of a slope it will retain more water. You will also need to ensure it is a sufficient distance away from your house (if this is where you decide to plant it) so there are no issues with its roots causing damage to your foundations. Be sure to find out how wide it is expected to grow once it reaches maturity to check if it will obstruct anything. This is something you can ask the expert when you go to purchase your memory tree.

Find out about the symbolic meaning of the tree you are going to plant

When you are looking to plant a tree for a loved one, you want to consider the symbolic meaning behind it. There are a host of different meanings behind plants and trees and some might resonate more with the loved one that you have lost. Oak trees symbolise courage, power and resilience and are also thought to be very spiritual. Cherry trees stand for happiness, mindfulness, love and romance, Birch trees are known for hope and new beginnings, while Maple trees symbolise balance, generosity and intelligence.

Think of the aftercare once you have planted the tree

Once you have planted your tree, it is important that you give it enough care in the years to follow. The first few years are the most important if you are looking to create a healthy tree that has the best start in its life. Some trees need more care than others so you need to ensure you find out the level of maintenance your chosen plant will require. You will need to water, weed, stake and prune it to ensure there are no weeds and that it has the right levels of everything it needs in order to flourish. You will need to focus particularly on the area around the base of the tree as this will ensure the roots have easy access to water and nutrients without weeds or other plants causing competition. 


When you have the perfect memory tree, it is the ideal place to sit, reflect and feel closer to your loved one that has passed. If you are looking to get a memory tree, or just want some more information, read this post to find out just why it is the best way to commemorate someone.