Living Urn | Image of the biodegradable urns being manufactured and designed.

Production + Design

Denver-Based Teams Dedicated to Making High Quality, Memorable Memorials


Our Inspiration

Living Urn | Product image of the Living Urn, sustainable urns and scattering services available.
The Living Urn | How our beautiful urns are made. Grow a living memory.

Eco Friendly Production

Living Urn | Picture of urn in the manufacturing and design process. Biodegradable urns available for people and pets.
Living Urn | Bio urns being manufactured for our clients. Scattering services available for people and pets.


Families can customize our urns to make them even more personal & memorable...

& our world class tree nursery operations...

Living Urn | Sustainable urns available for purchase. Image from the production team.
Living Urn | Image of Living Urn manufacturing, leading bio urns and cremating services.
The Living Urn | Tree nursery
The Living Urn | Tree nursery for our beautiful urns. Grow a living memory.

About The Living Urn