How the Living Urn Make Memories Last Forever

When people have suffered a loss, they come to a funeral service or home not just for your services, but for advice too. One thing the majority of people want is comfort in their grief and a way to keep the memory of their loved one alive. The Living Urn is a fine example of how this can be done and can provide a much-needed comfort to those having to say goodbye to a friend or relative. 

What is the Living Urn?

The Living Urn is a unique and innovative bio urn and planting system that grows a beautiful tree from cremated remains. It’s a patented system that enables an effortless way to remember and commemorate a loved one that’s passed. 

How the Living Urn can make memories forever

The Living Urn is a truly beautiful way to help memories last forever. When suffering from grief, any way to make this period of time - and that going forward - easier is always much appreciated. 

The ashes grow into a new living thing 

When suffering a loss, it’s usually the finality of it that can be particularly painful. A Living Urn helps to change this view around. Because the person’s ashes are incorporated into a plant, tree or flower, it can be viewed that they are turning into a new living thing, helping to keep their memory alive. It’s a truly beautiful way to see the circle of life firsthand and can be a real comfort for many.

There is a dedicated place for loved ones to visit

With the Living Urn, many choose to plant it in a Memorial forest which is a dedicated resting place that offers a lasting tribute to those that have passed. By having somewhere special to go, it can make friends and relatives feel like they’re going to visit their loved one and have a dedicated space to talk to them and share their thoughts and feelings.

A beautiful ceremony can be made from it 

Many people appreciate the beauty of burying a Living Urn and planting a tree. It offers a sacred experience where they can say goodbye while feeling they are having a more hands-on role. Whether this takes place in a memory forest, a public area that meant something to the deceased, or in someone’s back garden, it can be a lovely way to bring everyone together. Loved ones can say a few words, eat, drink and share memories. 

You can choose a tree that reflects the personality or values of the person that passed

Another of the best things about The Living Urn, is that it can be planted with a tree or plant that holds meaning with the one who has passed. It could be that it was a tree they had a particularly fond spot for, or it might be that their properties align with the person. Elm trees, for example, symbolise love and inner strength, oak is power and courage, cherry is love and romance, while birch trees represent new beginnings.

The Living Urn is a unique and special way to make memories that will last forever. It’s a beautiful way to help guide people through a period of grief and make it that little bit easier both in the short and long term. It adds a real sense of life, purpose and humanity to what can be a dark and difficult time.