Tree Pod Burial

Tree Pod Burials are the future of green funerals and eco conscious living. Trees hold a special meaning across many different cultures because their life cycle almost mirrors us as humans. If you consider yourself to be an environmentally conscious person, you may have heard of tree pod burials, or green burials. This eco-friendly alternative to a traditional burial not only saves you money, but it is also great for the environment. If you’d like to learn more about tree pod burials, read through this article for everything you’ll need to know or speak to the team today.

What is a Tree Pod Burial?

A tree pod burial enables you to plant a tree in a beloved spot of your choice in memory of your loved ones. Using the ashes of someone who has passed, these are placed in a BioUrn which is then covered with an ash agent RootProtect® - the urn is then placed in a planting hole in the ground. You then plant a young tree on top of this and fill in the remaining space with soil. Your tree roots will work into these ashes and use them to grow, thus turning them into a tree memorial and creating a lasting memory. It is a beautiful way of commemorating someone that has passed, creating a new life in their memory. It offers somewhere that you can go and speak to them or feel close to them as well as being a less daunting memorial than a headstone. The environmental impact of tree pod burials is also incredibly positive. Traditional burials will fill the earth with non-biodegradable materials and bodies are pumped full of toxic fluid. Natural burial options and green burials, like tree pod burials will have a huge positive impact on the environment as the practice becomes more widespread. 

How Does a Tree Pod Burial Work?

A tree pod burial takes place once you have had the ashes cremated and they are placed in a biodegradable urn before being lowered into the ground to grow into the tree.  The choice of tree for the tree burial is entirely up to you, however, it’s advised that you take into account the weather conditions of where you live, the time of year you will first be planting the tree and the soil of the remembrance tree site. If you are planting your tree in the winter you will need something that can survive in colder and wetter conditions, particularly at the initial growth and re-rooting stage which is the most critical for the young tree. You also need to consider where you want to plant your tree. Many opt for somewhere near to their home, or in their back garden. This is so they can feel close to their relatives and speak to them or spend time with them when possible. Others may not have the outside space seek memorial forests. Memorial forests are a great option for your tree pod burial when you need somewhere to plant your tree and you can take comfort in the fact that your loved one is surrounded by others and they are not alone. Consider a ceremony for your Tree pod burial - people can do readings, say poems or just turn up to pay their respects and tell fond stories. Alternatively, have a few of your closest relatives or friends and do something small and intimate to remember them. Many choose to have an engraved plaque made to place in front of their tree or memorial plant. You can do this at your tree pod burial. 

Why should you choose a Tree Pod Burial?

Tree pod burials may seem off-putting to people who have never considered nontraditional burial practices. But for some, being part of the soil that nourishes another living thing can leave a beautiful legacy. Tree pod burials allow you to be reclaimed by nature, while also allowing you to continue to live on in a truly tangible way that goes beyond the spiritual plane. Choosing a burial tree pod over a traditional casket has many advantages.

  • Trees are a beautiful symbol of life and a lasting way to celebrate the legacy of a loved one.
  • The tree will provide a site to visit your friend or family member for years to come.
  • Nature will thank you for opting for a natural burial. Organic burial pods provide much-needed new trees, fresher air, and cleaner water.
  • Growing a burial pod tree creates a lively habitat for local wildlife. 
  • Tree pod burials are much more cost-effective than a traditional send-off ceremony at a funeral home


Choose The Living Urn

A tree urn is a biodegradable urn or bio urn that grows a tree in combination with ashes or cremated remains. The Living Urn® is the patented tree urn and planting system that makes it easy to transform the ashes of your lost loved one into a living tree memorial to honour your loved and give back to nature. A tree pod burial can be a lovely way to commemorate someone that has passed. To find out more about our BioUrn® and how it works, please get in touch with us via our website. 

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