Reasons Why Tens of Thousands of Families and Hundreds of Top Funeral Homes Choose The Living Urn®

Growing a memory tree from an urn holding a family member’s ashes is an uplifting option that allows families to honour a loved one and give back. For these reasons, the patented Living Urn® has become a very popular choice for families throughout the UK and worldwide.

The Living Urn® bio urn and planting system has quickly become the leader in this field with tens of thousands of trees planted, hundreds of funeral home partners all over the country, and excellent customer reviews and touching testimonials. 

1. The Living Urn® is Easy to Use, and Most Importantly - It Works!

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Grow a Living Memory...

with The Living URn®

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, how do you plant a tree urn with cremated ashes? With every Living Urn® tree pod burial we provide clear, detailed and easy to follow instructions explaining how to plant a tree with ashes with The Living Urn® cremation tree kit. To summarize, the first step to plant a tree with cremated remains is to transfer the cremated remains into the bio urn. Second, empty the gold bag containing the RootProtect ash agent on top of the remains and place the tree urn into the hole in the ground. Next, lower the tree into the urn and fill in the space around the roots with soil while also backfilling the hole with soil. Gently tap down the earth to stabilize the soil around your tree, shrub or other plant. Place a layer of mulch several inches thick all around the tree and give the tree a very thorough watering. Continue to water the tree or shrub on a regular basis. A beautiful cremation tree memorial will grow up from the bio urn into a tree of life memorial tree.

There are two option of Living Urn’s® available - the Bio Urn for People and a different Bio Urn for Pets. One common question we often receive is, are human ashes good for trees? The answer to this question is that cremated remains or human ashes may be harmful to plant life and young trees when mixed in the surrounding soil. Cremated remains have a high pH and a high sodium content. As such, a high concentration of cremated remains in the soil can create a harsh growing environment for plants. The patented Living Urn® is a biodegradable urn and tree burial system that is designed to overcome the potentially harmful effects of cremation ashes on trees and plants by using beneficial additives and positioning as well as being specifically designed to be used in combination with living trees. 

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