Our team has spent several years working with scientists and arborists to develop The Living Urn®; The most advanced Bio Urn and plating system in the world. Understanding the nature of our product, we have made sure that The Living Urn® is simple and easy to use and our team are always on hand to offer advice and guidance when it comes to the planning of your memorial.

How does the Living Urn® work?

Once you have chosen the perfect way to honour your loved one, you can order The Living Urn® from our website. We will ship your Bio Urn on the day that you order - you can plant your tree right away or store it until you are ready. You can wait weeks, months or even years if you need to.

Tree of Choice

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Living Urn® product

The Living Urn | Man holding our biodegradable urn with autumnal leaves and trees behind.
Living Urn | Product image of the living urn. Completely biodegradable to not damage the environment.

Placing the Remains

Planting your tree

Once you are ready and you have chosen your tree or plant of choice, you will need to complete the process with your Bio Urn. It is best to plant your tree as soon as you can when you purchase it.

It is important to understand the ‘growing requirements’ of your chosen tree, plant or flower;

A memory tree being planted. Become a tree when you die with The Living Urn's bio urns.

Think seasonally when you approach your planning so that you are growing your tree with its best interests in mind through out the year.Here’s a helpful checklist when thinking about planting your tree:

● Be sure to place trees at least 12-20' from your house (if this is your chosen location at home) depending on the size of the tree. Place trees at least 3-4' away from pavements and patios and make sure that you plant trees about 10-30' apart from each other (depending on the size of your tree, you can always ask for guidance about this)
● Drainage - If your chosen location is sloped, trees and plants at the bottom will retain more water and may be prone to drainage issues. Keep this in mind when deciding on the water needs of your future tree.
● Make sure that you understand the required growing space of your tree as this can be commonly overlooked. Poor placement can result in roots or branches that are too close to structures, driveways, pavements or other trees and plants.
● Make sure that you know the tree’s height at maturity, as well as its crown spread and root space. Trees often require more space than you think. When in doubt, ask your tree supplier or local nursery how much space (vertical and horizontal) is needed to keep your tree healthy.
● Make sure that you understand the seasonal requirements and climate conditions at your chosen location so that you can be aware of the tree care and maintenance plan that needs to be in place.

Additives & Planting

A beautiful memory tree will then grow and keep your beloved family member's memory present in your life forevermore.

All of The Living Urn® products come with instructions that you can follow when you are ready to hold your memorial. If you need additional information and guidance, you can speak to the team.

Caring For Your Tree

It is very important to follow the instructions given to you by your local nursery with regards to caring for your new tree. All trees, plants and flowers will have specific maintenance and care routines to enable a healthy growth. You will find that the area in which you decide to plant may affect this too, so make sure that you ask them for advice when purchasing.

A tree memorial on the Mississippi State University, a memory tree planted from our Living Urn bio urns.
The Living Urn | A beautiful memory tree, grown from our bio urn and planting system.
Living Urn | Grow a living memory. Stunning image of urns turning into a pink flowered tree.

Tree Care

Trees, Not Seeds

The Living Urn® is the only bio urn in the world that has been designed to be used with living trees (saplings) instead of seeds or tiny seedlings. It can be difficult for non-expert growers to have success growing a tree from a seed – seed germination failure rates can be high and even
reaching the healthy seedling phase can be a challenge.

Living Urn | Bio urns being planted. Our Eco Burial™ Urn, our patent pending biodegradable bamboo urn

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our patented bio urn and planting system is made of only the highest quality eco-friendly
materials and components. Our proprietary BioUrn is 100% natural and biodegradable, made from recycled plant-derived materials using only water, heat and pressure and is completely free from glues or toxic binding agents. Even our outer shell packaging is handmade from natural bamboo, a sustainable resource. We take great pride in using only environmentally friendly materials and processes.

The Living Urn | Our bamboo urn on an autumnal background with beautiful leaves.
A couple scattering ashes from our biodegradable urns. The Living Urn.

Each Living Urn® bio urn and tree burial system comes with a special biodegradable urn, RootProtect, our proprietary additive, aged wood chips, and easy to follow planting instructions - all packaged in an attractive eco-friendly bamboo container. Keep your loved one's memory present in your life, give back to nature, and grow a living memory with this special cremation tree urn.

Other cremation urn products on the market may provide a tree seed with their bio urn, and the process to grow a tree from a seed can be complicated. Seed germination is a common challenge and failure rates with seeds can be high. At The Living Urn®, we’re focused on our customers having a successful outcome growing a tree from ashes and that their loved ones deserve a beautiful tree memorial that will grow and thrive.

Once you have purchased The Living Urn® Planting system, all you need to do is purchase the tree, plant or flower of your choice. This is an important decision to make and makes this even more memorable and significant for your loved one. You can purchase your tree from your local nursery, and our team can offer guidance on planting and types of trees and plants if you need any help and advice. Ensuring that your memory tree will thrive for years and years to come.

The Living Urn® has significant advantages and our bio urn is the only one designed to be used with living trees, and not seeds. You can plant a young tree with your memory tree and grow a living memory with The Living Urn®.