How Can I Plant a Seasonal Tree with a Living Urn for Pets Now?

The Living Urn® has been used by thousands of families throughout the United States to grow beautiful living memory trees. It is unique for a number of reasons, and one important reason is that it is the only BioUrn® designed to be used with seedlings or small trees, and not seeds. By following the simple instructions provided, a family can plant a memorial tree with our special bio urn containing their loved one’s ashes and our proprietary additives.


Is it ok to plant a ‘Seasonal’ tree in the late Spring, early Summer and early autumn? Yes! It is perfectly fine to plant at this time, just not bare root trees.

Ok, so what do I do to plant a ‘Seasonal’ tree with The Living Urn now? We have a convenient and easy solution for you and have developed an option just for this situation…

  1. Simply order The Living Urn for Pets System Only product, which comes with everything you need, except the tree;
  2. Next, visit your local nursery and pick up the tree of your choice in a small pot. These trees are not “bare root”, and are “awake” and growing in the soil in the pot. Since they are in the growing medium, they can be safely transplanted even though they are “awake”;
  3. Then, follow the clear and simple instructions we provide on how to plant these trees with The Living Urn® and your loved one’s cremated remains to grow a living memory!
  4. You can plant any size tree with The Living Urn®, but trees in 12 to 20 - litre pots are a good choice and are of the size comparable to what you would receive from us in the Spring or Fall (and reasonably priced!). The Living Urn for Pets System Only is less expensive since it doesn’t come with a tree and the difference in price should cover or be close to covering the tree you pick up locally (depending on the tree size and your nursery).
  5. We Can Help Find You a Great Local Tree at No Cost to YouEmail us at and let us know the tree type(s) you’re interested in and where you are located. Our dedicated staff will then help find you a great tree to pick up locally to plant with The Living Urn®!