Eco Scattering Urns

The patent pending Eco Scattering™ is the leading new all-natural way to scatter ashes of a loved one! This innovative scattering urn is made from bamboo, a sustainable resource, and is simple and easy to use.

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The unique locking mechanism of Eco Scattering™ secures your loved one's ashes in the urn while traveling to that favourite place without the risk of spilling. In addition, for families who want to scatter at multiple places, or with multiple participants, this special locking feature gives you the ability to scatter, then re-secure the remaining ashes in the urn. The patent pending Eco Scattering™ is the only scattering urn available with this unique safety feature!

Eco Scattering™ comes in four sizes, giving families that perfect fit for their loved one. Also, because it's 100% biodegradable, it can be disposed of in nature when you're finished scattering...

How Eco Scattering™ works...

To load:

  1. Remove wood locking pin, then remove top
  2. Pour in cremated remains
  3. Place top back on and line up locking pin holes in the 'closed' position
  4. Place locking pin back in hole to secure top to base

Then, travel to a favourite place with the cremated remains of your loved one securely placed in the urn without the risk of spilling out.

To scatter:

  1. Remove wood locking pin
  2. Rotate top 180 degrees to the 'open' position
  3. Re-insert locking pin
  4. Wave urn away from your body to scatter

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We developed the patented Eco Scattering Urn to fill the void in the market for truly eco-friendly and affordable scattering urns for ashes and scattering tubes for ashes. There are many urns for scattering ashes, but Eco Scattering has important differences and is a truly unique urn for scattering ashes.

The Eco Scattering Urn is the first and only bamboo scattering urn on the market. One main difference between our scatter urn and others is that it is designed specifically for that purpose. Other options available include wooden boxes and paper boxes that are sold as urns for scattering ashes outdoors. While they may be called ash scatter urns, they are simply boxes with lids that can be removed resulting in a large opening, like any container, not necessarily a container for scattering ashes or a container for spreading ashes outdoors. They are not designed specifically to make scattering ashes easier or more dignified. Other options include cardboard tubes with a design screen printed on the surface such as the ocean sunset scatter tube which is made from a cardboard material and is therefore not very eco-friendly, especially when it is screen printed. They are also loaded by sliding one piece inside the other and require gluing which makes it a little complicated and involves extra work. Furthermore, these products require that the user pop out the centre of the hole when it is time to scatter and this limits what the customer can do as with that scatter urn it can be a challenge to scatter the ashes in multiple places. Having the hole in the centre makes it a challenge to release all of the cremated remains out of the scatter tube. The Eco Scattering Urn was designed to overcome all of these disadvantages and to offer a truly eco-friendly alternative.

To accomplish this, we created a patented product with special design features and made it out of bamboo, which is one of the most eco-friendly building materials on the planet. Bamboo is considered a grass and after it is harvested it grows back quickly in a short period of time. Wood, by comparison, takes much longer to grow back once it is cut down for use, in general. Cardboard, which other products are made from, is processed timber using large amounts of energy and chemicals. Even though the Eco Scattering Urn is made from bamboo it looks like a wood scattering urn and many people consider it as such. Another feature of the patented Eco Scattering Urn is that the top can be locked into an open and a closed position with a birch wood locking pin. This allows the user to easily secure the ashes in the urn. The urn can then be stored for days, weeks or even years before scattering. When the user is ready to scatter ashes, they simply pull the locking pin out and rotate the top into the open position and then place the locking pin back in to lock the top in the open position. This answers the question of how to open a scattering urn for families. This truly unique feature allows families to scatter cremated remains at multiple places by multiple people with ease as it can be easily resealed and secured. Also, the opening is carved out of the corner of the top so ashes can be dispersed with control and also so it is easy to empty the urn of all the ashes when scattering.

Because the patented Eco Scattering Urn is made from bamboo, an environmentally friendly, natural and biodegradable material, the family has more options as they can place it in the water, leave it in the forest or bury it in the ground without causing any harm. The Eco Scattering Urn can also serve as a water urn for water burials at sea or in a lake or river. The Eco Scattering Urn is TSA compliant and is considered a flight ready urn as it is made only from bamboo and a birch wood pin and can therefore be X-Rayed.

The eco Scattering Urns come in three sizes – the large size is designed for a full set of a single persons remains. These are called a scattering urn for a full set of ashes by funeral homes. The Mediums are considered scattering urns for splitting up the ashes in two portions (two mediums have the volume of one large). And the smalls are considered small urns for scattering ashes and they are designed for families splitting the remains into more than two (four smalls have the volume of one large). Many families will split up the ashes and buy multiple eco scattering urns so all of the siblings or family members will have remains to scatter. Many families will also buy the small Eco Scattering urn to serve as a keepsake urn so they can keep a small portion of the ashes. Even though Eco Scattering Urns are biodegradable, they can be used as permanent keepsake urns and will not biodegrade unless buried or if the scatter urns water immersed.


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