Your Guide to Scattering Ashes in Springtime

If you have recently lost a loved one who wanted to be cremated, or if you were waiting for the weather to warm up, you will likely be considering how and when to scatter their ashes. While it is a sad time for all involved, it is also a time when you will want to honour your friend or family member and give them the send-off they deserve. The weather is warmer and Spring is associated with a time of life and new beginnings, so it can be a really lovely way to celebrate them. Here we have put together a guide to scattering ashes in the springtime. 

Think about where you will scatter the ashes

There are many places you can choose to scatter ashes which can make choosing somewhere specific difficult. If you can’t decide, you could opt for one of our urns that makes storing and transporting our ashes easier than ever and then you can scatter them in multiple locations. Before scattering ashes, be sure to check up the relevant permissions of the location you are planning on and get specific permission if required.

Your back garden: If your loved one used to love sitting outside in the garden, why not scatter some of their ashes here? there are no laws preventing you from doing so and it can be nice to feel that you always have a part of them with you. This is a better idea if you aren't planning on moving home anytime soon, as once they are scattered you won't  be able to get the ashes back to take to a new house!

In a garden of remembrance: Some cemeteries and crematoriums have dedicated areas where you can scatter ashes. Be sure to check ahead of time to find one near you where you can scatter your loved ones' ashes.

In a park or public land: Perhaps there was a park or walking route your loved one used to love to visit, or maybe it's just somewhere that reminds you of them. This can be a beautiful spot to spread your loved ones ashes, particularly in springtime when flowers are in bloom, but it's important you request permission from the local council before you do this. Most councils and park trusts won't have a problem with you doing this, you will just need to follow the environmental guidelines and any other requests they might ask of you.

In a river, lake or at sea: In the UK you are allowed to scatter ashes over a body of water as long as you follow environmental regulations. This includes ensuring you're not near a marina, fishery, water plant or reservoir. Try to pick a day where the weather is calm, which is much more likely to be in the springtime. Why not make a day of it and head out with a group of you where you can sail on a boat, scatter the ashes and take in the sunshine while you talk about your loved one and all your memories together. When scattering ashes in the water, it’s a good idea to opt for a water urn such as the Living Urn water urn.