Why The Living Urn™ is Your Best Option

Why the Living is the UK’s leading sustainable, all in one solution for an everlasting memory.

The Living Urn is quickly becoming a popular choice for families and individuals when they consider various funeral arrangements. Whilst we continue to opt for cremation over burial services, there is also a significant rise year on year for people who are becoming increasingly eco-conscious of the effects that we can have on the environment. Growing a tree from a family or loved ones cremated remains is now growing in popularity because of the positive effect that it has on the environment. Below are 5 reasons why The Living Urn has become the favorite for customers and funeral homes across the nation…

The Living Urn  is Simple and Easy to Use, and Most Importantly – It Works!

When you purchase from The Living Urn, you are choosing to plant a memory and continue to grow life in honour of your loved one. With your Urn, you will be advised to purchase a tree or plant of your choice from your preferred nursery. You don’t have to be expertly ‘green fingered’ to execute this either, you will be able to successfully grow a healthy, long lasting tree, plant or flowers - Our advice and support is there to make sure that we do all of the hard work for you. We advise that when you purchase your chosen tree or plant, that you purchase seedlings instead of seeds because sometimes it can be hard for someone to grow a tree from seed, if they are not used to such a task. Sadly, seed germination failure rates can be quite high and we aim to remove any stress from your planning. Removing all of the worry, we make this process smooth and pain free.

Elegant, Dignified & Eco-Friendly

Our product is so unique, it is packaged in a beautifully crafted handmade bamboo casement.

Sustainability is at the core of what we do; The bamboo casing will hold the cremated remains of your loved one, whilst you choose your hand picked tree from your nursery. Many of our customers keep the bamboo case as a keepsake, once they have planted their Living Urn. It is super eco friendly as the highest sustainable resource and it is a highly dignified way to hour your family.

The Living Urn, your best option for a lasting memory

Innovative Product Design

We have spent years, crafting and curating The Living Urn. It is innovatively designed to accommodate your actual living seedlings and it has had input from a team of professional arborists to deliver a beautiful, sustainable and meaningful product.

  • We have designed The Living Urn to hold as much or as little of the cremated remains that you want – we understand that sometimes these decisions can be hard, so we wanted to make sure that you can do whatever you feel most comfortable with. Some customers opt to split up the remains and grow multiple trees in different areas and others place 100% of the remains in a single Living Urn. This gives families complete versatility when considering how they want to remember their loved one.
  • The Living Urn has been curated for living seedlings, not seeds. This part of the design process was paramount as we had to allow plenty of room for the roots of your tree, we have given the urn maximum depth to do so.
  • Our urn is 100% natural and biodegradable, we place emphasis on protecting the environment at all costs, in everything that we do- it is manufactured from recycled,  plant-derived materials and only water, heat and pressure is used. It is completely free from glues or any toxic binding agents. Most importantly, the material will not challenge or block root growth so your tree will thrive forever. 

Everything that you need, in one easy solution

Our all in one system has been years in the making, to us this was more than an urn but an opportunity to provide you with a beautiful memorial for your loved ones or pets.

The complete package includes;

  1. Our biodegradable urn
  2. The beautiful bamboo casement
  3. Premium wood chips
  4. Proprietary soil mix
  5. A highly important ash neutralizing agent - This serves to counter the natural properties of the cremated remains and it will create a more balanced growing environment for your tree.

Life Continues

By honouring a loved one with The Living Urn when they pass, you are able to celebrate all that they have given us - the joy, the companionship, the love and the life. Make a significant location a forever special place. You are able to keep their memory present, give back and grow a living memory for them and for you.

If you have questions about The Living Urn, speak to one of the team today.