What to think about when you consider a Tree Burial

When a loved one passes, one of the most important things to consider is how they are to be buried. You might have had a chance to discuss this with them before they passed, or it might be something that you didn’t get the opportunity to discuss. The most important thing to do is to have a burial that they would have liked and wanted. One of the more increasingly popular ways of burying a loved one is with a tree burial. This is a lovely, sentimental way to commemorate them and is often favoured for the fact it’s better for the environment and gives you somewhere to go and spend time with them. Here are a few things to think about when considering a tree burial.

What is a tree burial?

A tree burial is a way of adding your loved ones ashes to a burial pod. This biodegradable casket is then planted with a tree of your choice meaning your loved ones ashes will grow into the tree, making it a beautiful way to honour them.

What to consider with a tree burial:

The type of tree you want to use

There are many different types of tree you can use in your tree burial, you can go to your local nursery and choose the best one for you. It could be there is a particular tree or plant that reminds you of your loved one, or perhaps it’s one they chose before they passed. It’s important to keep in mind things such as the best climate for the tree, how much maintenance they need and what the best growing conditions are for them.

Where you want to plant your tree

There are many options when it comes to where to plant your tree and you want to make sure you choose well. You could plant it in your back garden or a place that is special to you. Before doing this it’s important to check if you need permission from your local council in order to plant it as the land might be protected. There are also a number of burial forests that you can find, which are dedicated places for memorial trees to be planted.

The time of year you will plant it

The time of year you plant your tree can make a big difference and you want to ensure it’s in an environment where it can really flourish. You will want to plant your tree within a week of purchasing it for it to be in the best condition so make sure the area is clear of weeds and ready. If you are planting in winter or summer make sure it will be able to survive in harsh weather conditions such as strong sun or freezing temperatures.

How to keep it well maintained 

Different trees require different levels of maintenance. Be sure to read up about what the tree will need, including how much water and sunlight it prefers and the type of soil that is best. Ensure you will be near enough and have the time to nurture it, particularly when it is young and needs the most care to settle into its new environment. 

These are just a few things you need to think about when it comes to considering a tree burial. Tree burials are a wonderful way to commemorate a loved one and can be a beautiful place to visit and feel close to them. If you are looking for the perfect urn for your tree burial, you can find this on our website here.