What to think about when you consider a Tree Burial

A tree burial is a beautiful way to honour the life of a loved one who has recently passed. If they loved nature and exploring the outdoors, a tree burial is a perfect way to commemorate their life and celebrate who they were as a person. When it comes to organising a tree burial, you probably have a host of questions - what type of tree can you choose from? When is the best time to plant your tree? Where can you plant your tree? Below we delve into these questions to make the process that bit clearer.

What type of tree to choose? 

After purchasing your The Living Urn BioUrn® you should look into the type of tree you would like to plant. Different trees thrive in different environments and for this reason, it’s best to visit your local nursery to see what trees they have available. It doesn’t matter what size tree you choose as any size will work with The Living Urn BioUrn® system. You will find planting instructions with your urn to help make the process easier and if you have any questions about the type of tree to choose, you can contact us for advice 

When to plant your tree? 

Before receiving your tree, you’ll need to prepare the site where it will be planted. Clear out any debris, remove any weeds and go over the grass with a lawnmower. Ideally, a tree should be planted within a week of it being purchased (or as soon as possible). Therefore, before purchasing, it’s advised you have your memorial planned so that you can go ahead with the proceedings within the recommended timeframe. Different trees will have different instructions, so make sure you do your research on the type of tree you’re planting in order to understand the specific care it will need.

Where to plant your tree?

As long as you have the land owner's permission, trees can be planted in most places. A tree burial will provide a place to reminisce and feel close to your loved one so try and plant it somewhere that’s easy for you to access. This could be your garden, a dedicated memorial forest or a place your loved one used to visit. Try to avoid archaeological sites and places with rare and protected species. 

How do you care for your tree once planted?

When purchasing your tree, make sure you keep the care instructions as this will give you some advice on best practices to give it the best chance of thriving. General tips include watering, weeding, mowing and checking your tree guards. If you are worried at any stage that your tree isn’t developing well, contact your local gardener as they should be able to assist you. 

These are just a few top things to think about when you consider a tree burial. Make sure you plant it somewhere that’s easy to get to and think of the type of tree that you want to plant. A memorial tree is a beautiful way to remember a loved one and have a space to go and feel closer to them. To find out more and to purchase your own Living Urn BioUrn®, head to our website here.