What are cremation keepsakes?

Cremation has been on the rise over the past few years due to many reasons such as cost and sustainability. It is a beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved one and also has led to people becoming more creative with their loved one's ashes. There are now a whole host of ways that you can remember your loved one with cremation keepsakes. Here we round up some of the most popular cremation keepsakes that you can choose to keep your loved one close by.

What are cremation keepsakes?

Cremation keepsakes are small pieces of art, objects or urns that are designed to hold a small amount of ashes. Often loved ones will choose a keepsake as well as an urn, or will use a number of different keepsakes that hold the ashes of a loved one that has passed. There are several of different types of cremation keepsakes which we will run through below.

Glass cremation keepsakes

Glass cremation keepsakes are one of the most popular types and come in a range of beautiful shapes and sizes. With glass keepsakes, a small amount of ashes are infused during the glass production process. This can then be made into anything from an ornament or paperweight to a pendant that can be put on a necklace. 

Cremation jewellery keepsakes

Jewellery is another very popular type of cremation keepsake as it means you can keep it on you at all times or when you feel you need the presence of your loved one there. There are many jewellery options that you can select between, including cremation pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings and more. The jewellery will be created by holding a small amount of your loved ones ashes and can also be engraved with your loved one’s name, initials, date of birth or something else that reminds you of them.

Scattering urn keepsakes

One of the most common ways to honour a loved one passing is to scatter ashes at a location that was special to them. This could be in their own back garden, a favourite holiday destination or somewhere else that meant a lot to them. You can also choose to scatter ashes at many locations, in which case a "keepsake" scattering urn is a good idea. This means that family members can split a loved one's ashes and easily scatter them at numerous different locations.

Traditional urn cremation keepsakes

As well as scattering ashes, there are now indoor urns available in miniature or keepsake versions. This means different family members can all have a share of the ashes and are able to all have a piece to remember them. These can come in standard or traditional metal, wood and ceramic.

Unique cremation keepsakes

While the above are the most conventional methods, there are also some more unique creation keepsakes you can opt for. These can include plant urns, which are small urns made from wood that grow a succulent. You can also have ashes incorporated into a painting, a tattoo, firework, stuffed animal and more.

These are just a few cremation keepsake ideas that you can use. It is tough when a loved one passes but this will help to keep them nearby and is a unique and beautiful way of remembering them. Find out about our different ranges of cremation keepsakes