Unique Ideas for the Perfect Winter Funeral

As a funeral director or service, those that are grieving or planning a memorial service will often come to you for advice. As well as providing a service, you can also assist them with the grieving process by offering a listening ear and tips you’ve picked up along the way. 

As we face the long stretch of winter, more people will be coming for advice regarding winter funerals. They might wonder just what the implications are - if any - of a winter funeral and if there are any ideas you have that can make for a perfect send-off. Here we’ve put together some unique ideas for the perfect winter funeral.

Consider hot drinks to keep attendees warm

When the weather is cold and raining, hot drinks can be a real reprieve. Consider serving things such as tea and coffee that can keep people warm before or after the service. If the service is an urn burial or cremation that takes place outside, this is a particularly good idea and will stop people from becoming too cold.

Have blankets or heaters 

Blankets or heaters are another great way to ensure people stay warm at a winter funeral and can also add a cosy feel. When remembering a loved one you don’t want to be distracted by the cold and blankets are a lovely way for people to stay wrapped up. Some people might have memorial quilts made from pieces of clothing from the loved one that has passed. It’s a lovely way to remember them and many find it a lot nicer than throwing their clothes away. You could give them away to close attendees to take with them as a memory piece when they leave.

Think of hot food recipes that have a link to the person who’s passed

If serving food, you’re going to want to consider something hot. What’s an even nicer touch is if you choose a recipe that your loved one particularly enjoyed or was known for. Perhaps they had a favourite soup they always cooked, or maybe they used to love a particular pasta. Incorporating this into the day can be a really special way to feel like they are there with you. 

Work with lighting to make it warm and welcoming

Another way to add a nice touch to a winter funeral is to work with lighting to make it warm and welcoming. The winter can bring shorter days and a lot more hours of darkness, so by being clever with lighting you can make the most of the hours. Try adding in electric tea lights (they are safer than candles with a live flame), fairy lights or lanterns that can all make a real difference to a winter funeral.

Try not to be outside for too long

When having a winter funeral, try to limit how much you are outside as the weather can be very unpredictable. Instead, try and do what you can inside, leaving the outside part to what is necessary. If you are planting a memory tree or urn for example, do things such as the eulogy inside, and moving outside when the burial needs to take place. 

These are just a few unique ideas for the perfect winter funeral that should help to give a send-off that won’t be forgotten. Many people worry about having a funeral in winter due to the unpredictable weather and short, dark days. By sharing these pieces of wisdom and unique ideas for the perfect winter funeral, it should help to put their minds at rest.