Tree Pod Burial: What is it and how does it work?

Losing a loved one is never easy and that’s why you will want to do what you can in order to feel close to them once they have passed. Part of that is honouring their wishes for the type of burial they want. An increasingly popular burial of choice is a tree pod burial. This is a newer type of burial and many choose it as it offers the chance to turn your loved ones ashes into something beautiful that will grow and flourish over time. Here we take a look at a tree pod burial, what it is and just how it works. 

What is a tree pod burial?

A tree pod burial takes the concept of tree memorials and adds that extra step. It essentially uses the ashes of someone who has passed in a BioUrn which is then covered with an ash agent RootProtect® and the urn is placed in a planting hole in the ground. You will then plant a young tree on top of this and fill in the remaining space with soil. Your tree roots will work into these ashes and use them to grow, thus turning them into a tree memorial made from your loved one. For many it is a beautiful way of commemorating someone and you have peace of mind that they are growing into another life form. It offers somewhere that you can go and speak to them or feel close to them as well as being a less daunting memorial than a headstone. 

How does a tree pod burial work?

A tree burial takes place once you have had the ashes cremated. As mentioned above, they are placed in a patented urn before being lowered into the ground to grow into the tree. 

The choice of tree for the tree burial is up to you, however, it’s advised that you take into account the weather conditions of where you live, the time of year you will first be planting the tree and the soil of the remembrance tree site. All of these will give your tree the best chance of flourishing. If you are planting your tree in the winter you will need something that can survive in colder and wetter conditions, particularly at the initial growth and re-rooting stage which is the most critical for the young tree. 

You also need to consider where you want to plant your tree. Many opt for somewhere near to their home, or in their back garden. This is so they can feel close to their relatives and speak to them or spend time with them when possible. There are a host of recommended options when looking for a memorial tree for garden. 

Others don’t have the outside space and as such turn to memorial forests. These are dedicated spaces where you can plant a memorial tree and are surrounded by many others who have opted for the same. Memorial forests can be a great option for your tree pod burial when you’re wanting a tree to plant to remember a loved one. Some take comfort in the fact that their loved one is surrounded by others and not alone.

Tree pod burials can be done as a ceremony with others there when you plant the tree. Similarly to when you spread the ashes of a loved one, you could have people do readings, say poems or just turn up to pay their respects. Alternatively, you could just have a few of their closest relatives or friends and do something small to remember them. Many choose to have an engraved plaque made to place in front of their tree or memorial plant. You can do this at your tree pod burial. 

A tree pod burial can be a lovely way to commemorate someone that has passed. To find out more about our BioUrn® and how it works, please get in touch with us via our website.