Top Tips for Memory Tree Care

If you have planted a memory tree for a loved one that has passed, it is a wonderful spot for you to visit, reminisce and feel closer to them. It is important that you take care of this tree for it to grow and flourish as you would like. When you purchase your tree, you will have been given some instructions that will help you to care for it. Be sure to stick to these as much as you can and also try to do your own independent research too. There are many factors that you need to take into account, such as where you have planted your tree, the time of year that you planted it and how often it needs to be watered. Here we have put together some top tips for caring for your memory tree.


Plant from a tree, not a seed

Unless you are more of a seasoned gardener, then planting a tree from a seed can be a real challenge. Seed germination failure rates can be high and this can be disappointing and cause you to feel upset that you have let your loved one down that has passed. The Living Urn is the only bio urn in the world that is designed to be used with living trees (saplings) as opposed to tiny seedlings or seeds. Saplings are young trees that are usually between 3-15 years old and of a height between 2-10 feet. The requirements on space that you need for a sapling can vary, so be sure to do your research and find out what it needs before you plant it. By using a sapling you have a greater chance of your tree succeeding and growing at an impressive rate. 


Follow specific aftercare instructions

Having a memory tree isn’t as simple as planting it then forgetting about it. Aftercare is very important in order to help it grow and develop as it should. The first couple of years are the most vital in ensuring your tree firmly places its roots and has the best chances of flourishing. Aftercare means that you need to water it regularly and keep an eye on its environment. The amount you need to water it can vary depending on the climate, the type of tree and where it has been planted. Regular watering helps the tree to settle into the roots and also to collect up essential nutrients from the soil.


Regularly de-weed your tree

A big part of memory tree care is getting rid of any weeds or pests that might potentially harm your plant or use up the nutrients and moisture from the soil. It is recommended that you keep a diameter of at least a meter clear around the base of the tree. The best way to do this is to use a mulch of organic substance that can provide nutrients and also suppress any weeds that might grow. You will also need to prune your tree - be sure to do your research to ensure you don’t cut off any good parts of the tree and that you are giving it the proper care.


Don’t be afraid to ask for advice 

A memory tree is a very personal and important thing for many people so you want to ensure it receives the best care. If you aren’t sure whether you are caring for your tree as it needs, or if you just want some extra help, don’t be afraid to ask for advice. There are many experts out there that can advise you on the best ways to help your tree to grow and thrive. We can also advise you at The Living Urn should you have any specific questions. 


Tree Care is vital for your memory tree and you want to make sure that it is looked after properly. Find out more about Memory Trees and just why they are a perfect way to commemorate a loved one here. We can also help you out with any questions or queries that you might have.