Top Reasons To Pre-Plan Your Funeral

Unfortunately, no matter how much we wish to not think about it, death is inevitable for everyone. And so is what happens once that time comes. Statistics have found that more people than ever are choosing to pre-plan their funerals and while this might sound odd, it's better to accept the reality of your passing and make it easier for your loved ones to bear. Speak to your family and friends about what your final wishes are and what you would like for yourself when you pass. Let them know whether you want to be cremated or buried,  what type of service you would like and anything else you want them to know such as what you want done with your ashes. You can also purchase your memorial, cremation or burial in advance. Here is just why you should pre-plan your funeral.

It's cheaper and will ease the financial burden

Funerals are expensive and when someone passes it can be a financial burden as well as emotionally distressing for your loved ones. By planning in advance it is one less thing for them to worry about when they are grieving. Many funeral homes that offer funeral pre-planning will also offer a discount and give you time to pay this, sometimes in installments over time. Memorials such as The Living Urn let you choose what you want in advance to help you plan and pay for this in your own time.

You can have it exactly how you want it

Your family will do their best to honour your wishes, but only you know exactly how you would want to be remembered. By planning ahead of time you can make the decisions for yourself such as the type of service you want, who you want to speak at your memorial, where you want it and anything else you would like.

You can have more time to prepare

When someone passes, funerals or memorials are often held within a few weeks and this can cause additional stress on your family or friends. By planning ahead of time there’s less time constraints and you can be more methodical about the process. 

It alleviates the stress on your loved ones

When someone loses a loved one, they will want to ensure their memorial or funeral is just as they want it. This can place stress upon them when they are grieving as they want to ensure everything is done just right. By pre-planning it they can rest assured the day will be exactly how you would have wanted without any stress on their part.

You have time to ask the right questions

When you are speaking directly to your cremation service provider or funeral director, you can ask them all the questions you might have and find the answers. There is no time pressure to get the answers right away and you won't feel rushed.

These are just a few top reasons to pre-plan your own funeral. By doing so, you can feel happy knowing that when you pass your loved ones aren’t left with a stressful situation or financial burden. This makes it easier on all of you and you can spend the rest of your time together just enjoying and cherishing each other's company.