Tips For Choosing A Memorial Tree

Since The Living Urn introduced their patented bio urn and planting system a few years ago, there have been tens of thousands of tree memorials planted all over the world. A beautiful way to both remember your loved one and also give back to nature, it's clear to see just why it's such a popular option. With so many tree memorials around the UK, the team at The Living Urn have put together some tips on how to choose the right memorial tree for you.

How to choose the best memorial tree

Consider where you are going to plant it 

When it comes to planting a memorial tree you need to think about where you want to plant it. If you are looking to plant a tree in your garden you aren't going to want something large such as an oak tree. Instead, it's best to look for something such as a dogwood, juniper or a Guelder Rose tree. These are all well known trees in the UK with their own unique properties that make them ideal for planting in a smaller space while still looking beautiful. If you are planting a tree somewhere more spacious such as a memorial forest there is more flexibility with the size of the tree and how big it can grow. Because of this, some of the most popular trees for this tend to be oak, wild cherry and apple trees. They are all beautiful tree types 

Think about the climate of where you live

The climate and soil type of where you live can play a big part in your memorial tree. If you live somewhere that gets a lot of sun throughout the day and for large portions of the year then you can choose something a little less hard wearing. If you live somewhere (such as up North) where the temperatures tend to be cooler and there is a higher chance of regular rain, you need a tree that can withstand this.Willow trees, Wintergreen and Maple trees are all effortless choices when it comes to selecting the best all-rounder trees that can survive cooler climates.

Find something that reminds you of your loved one

When choosing your tree, think of what reminds you of your loved one. Did they love a particular type of tree? When you think of them are you reminded of something soft and floral? Or strong and tall? Try and select a tree that fits with their personality as this will resonate with you even more when you go and visit the tree. It’s a lovely way to remember and commemorate them even further. 

The Living Urn can offer support and guidance when it comes to choosing your tree, there is such a huge range of tree options to choose between and the one you choose comes down to whereabouts you live and your preference. There are so many beautiful trees to select to commemorate your loved one, coming in a range of prices and the complexity of how to look after it. 

You need to ensure your tree can grow and thrive for you to enjoy for many years to come. Be sure to check out our range of bio urns on our website and don't miss our version of our bio urn for pets. This is the ideal way to commemorate a loved furry friend that has passed.