The Living Urn - The leading Biodegradable urn; Your solution to a beautiful, natural, lasting memory

The Living Urn Biodegradable Urn UK

The Living Urn® is the only bio urn and planting system available that has been designed to grow beautiful, enduring memories of your loved ones.

We have spent several years working closely with professional soil scientists and arborists to enable us to develop the most advanced Bio Urn and Planting System available in the world: the very first all in one system, that provides you with all that you need to create a lasting, natural memory in the form of a tree, plant or flowers with the cremated remains of your loved ones.

It is our mission to provide a safe, natural environment that supports our eco-system and that also provides our customers with complete confidence in their decision. This has been made possible with RootProtect - This is vital for sustainable tree growth, and supports the natural environment in the process. RootProtect is an ash neutralizing agent that counters certain properties of your loved ones cremated ashes. 

Our planting system also includes our proprietary BioUrn®: This is a biodegradable urn that we fill with your loved one’s ashes and then they are paired with the natural soil additives. This is then planted in combination with a small tree of your choice you can choose and purchase from your local nursery.

The Living Urn, Natural Burial, Biodegradable and Sustainable

The Living Urn’s BioUrn® is made from a highly functional material and it was created with the help of our experienced material engineers, soil scientists and arborists. The material that we have manufactured the BioUrn with is unique: when holding your loved ones cremated remains as an urn it is rigid, but it will soften and eventually break down when it is planted. 

It is large enough to hold all of a person or pet’s cremated remains, or can be used with as little as desired. This is important as it provides the needed depth to accommodate a tree seedling, or baby tree.

Our BioUrn® is completely natural and it contains no chemicals or glues – we have produced this product by using water, pressure and heat and it is constructed with organic plant-derived material that won’t impede or block root growth - making this a beautiful, natural solution for you, your family and the environment.

Mark Brewer, The Living Urn’s President and Co-Founder, commented, “Our BioUrn is the only biodegradable urn on the market designed to be used with actual tree saplings and not seeds. This is important, as many people find it difficult to grow a tree from a seed. It is also large enough to hold up to one hundred percent of the ashes of a loved one and all of the special soil additives we provide with our system. We wanted our customers to have a great experience with The Living Urn and our special biodegradable urn is a key part of The Living Urn system and of our success.”

Brewer continued, “It took over a year and a half to develop The Living Urn® bio urn and planting system and involved a number of experts. We wanted to make a system that was one hundred percent natural and gave a family everything they needed to grow a living tree memorial of a loved one. We’re proud of what we’ve developed and all of the customer testimonials that we receive. With over four hundred U.S. funeral homes now selling The Living Urn, we’ve quickly become the U.S. market leader and the leading choice of U.S. funeral homes.”

Dean Graves, The Living Urn UK’s Managing Director, commented, “We’re extremely excited about The Living Urn here in the UK. We believe the UK represents a large and growing market for our products and services. A wide range of options that provide families with more meaningful, memorable and personal memorial experiences in nature. In addition, the Ecorial App is a one-of-a-kind platform that allows families in the UK to “mark the spot” of their loved one’s memorial in nature. The App allows you to simply create a beautiful online memorial to honour their loved one’s memory and establish a permanent record for future generations.”