Scattering Ashes in the Spring - Here's what you need to know (and why it is such a lovely thing to do!)

As we near the time of the clocks going forward and the longest day is far behind us, it has us setting our sights towards springtime. A season that represents life, beauty and growth, it's one of the most beautiful times of year to scatter the ashes of someone who’s passed. If you’re looking to scatter in the spring, here is what you need to know and why it’s such a lovely thing to do…

Scattering ashes in the Spring

When it comes to scattering the ashes of a loved one that’s passed, it’s always going to be an emotional time. Having a beautiful ceremonious event can help make it that bit easier, give some closure and allow you to remember them in a unique way. You could decide to do a formal or informal service depending on your preference and what you feel reflects the life and personality of your loved ones the best.

Pick out a location

One of the best things about scattering in spring is that there are so many more beautiful locations to choose from. The milder weather and abundance of flowers mean scattering somewhere such as a park or garden is a lot more practical and appealing than in the colder months. You could decide to scatter them somewhere your loved one used to visit, in your own garden or a memorial forest. If doing it somewhere public, be sure to get the landowner's permission first.

Read out a poem

There are a host of beautiful poems related to spring that you could choose to read out at a ceremony this time of year. Some examples include "A light exists in Spring" by Emily Dickinson - a beautiful poem about how spring pushes away the darkness of winter. Christina Rossetti's poem titled simply "Spring" is also a beautiful option, detailing the beauty of life and spring, talking about nature and the circle of life.

Decide how you want to scatter the ashes

When it comes to actually scattering the ashes, there are a few ways to do so. You could choose to plant a memory tree with some of the ashes and scatter the rest nearby. For this, you’ll want to choose a tree that flourishes well this time of year such as a blossom or fruit tree. You could choose to scatter them in the water, in a famous beauty spot, or in the back garden. Consider how easy it is to get there, whether your loved one would have liked it, and how you will mark the spot such as with a plaque or plant.

Have people read out a memory

With the weather being that bit warmer, you can make the ceremony a bit longer too and don’t have to worry about people being too cold or getting soaked in a wintry downpour. You could invite attendees to read out their favourite memory of the person who’s passed, sing a song or just speak about them. This can be a wonderful time for all to reminisce and also take in the beautiful springtime setting around you.

Scatter flowers

It might not be possible for everyone who would like to scatter ashes to do so, or you might not want everyone to. So why not have other people in the service scatter flower petals? This can be a beautiful symbolic gesture where others get the chance to contribute and say their own few words, as well as being a lovely way to say goodbye. Scattering petals can add to the beauty of the springtime setting too.

Consider the decor

When scattering in spring, you have more decoration options as it’s likely you can be outside Drape fairylights through the trees, add decorative lanterns and consider lighting some tealights or other candles. You could have a table set up with your loved ones' favourite summer drink for people to try as well as a remembrance book for people to sign.

Scattering in the spring is a beautiful time thanks to the better weather, the abundance of colour and the positive connotations around the season. To find out more about scattering in Spring and The Living Urn, get in touch with us today.