Planting The Living Urn this winter? Here's what you need to know

As we continue to foray deeper into the winter months, chances are your customers will have questions regarding how this cold season will impact their funeral plans. If they have opted for planting a Living Urn this winter, they must keep in mind a few factors to ensure it's as successful as possible. The Living Urn is a beautiful way to say goodbye to a family member or friend and can offer a beautiful send-off. Here are a few things they will need to keep in mind.

What the weather will be doing

The planting of the Living Urn is a special moment, but it’s important to keep in mind it has to be done outside. While it can be planted in all weather conditions, torrential rain or a snowstorm is going to make it a lot harder! It’s advised to keep a check on the weather and find out what it will be doing. It can be a challenge when the temperatures drop and the ground is hard, but can still be done. The worst conditions tend to be heavy rain that causes the soil to be waterlogged or heavy snow and frost that can freeze over. It’s best to be as flexible as possible and try to plant it in the middle of the day when the ground will be the most compatible.

The type of tree or plant that they use 

Whether using a tree, plant or shrub, some need to be planted in specific weather conditions and soils. The last thing you want is to plant something only for it to wilt and not place roots due to an unfavourable climate. Some of the best trees and shrubs to plant in the winter months include the Himalayan Birch, White Dogwood, Paper Bark Maple and Acer trees. These are all known for not only being beautiful but also being more robust. This means once they’re planted, the chances of them rooting correctly are much higher. 

The sort of ceremony they wish to accompany the planting with 

Some people opt for a full funeral-style ceremony when they plant the urn, while others prefer something small and intimate. It’s important to factor in the winter conditions when advising customers of their approach. It’s a good idea to include things that can help with the weather such as heaters, hot drinks and indoor places to shelter should it take a turn for the worse. 

The location 

When planting a Living Urn, the location is one of the most important factors. It could be they decide to plant it somewhere that means a lot to them - or the one that has passed. This might be a favourite park, the garden of a relative or somewhere else sentimental. There is also the choice of opting for a memorial forest, which can be a peaceful resting place surrounded by other trees and plants dedicated to others. The choice is completely up to the ones sorting the planting ceremony and you can advise on the best steps for this. 

Planting a Living Urn is a big moment for those that have lost a loved one and with your help and support, it can be made much easier. Utilising the experience and expertise of a funeral home with the innovative idea of the Living Urn, they can say goodbye to a loved one in a beautiful and unforgettable way. To find out more about the Living Urn and just how it has helped so many families read more here.