Planting The Living Urn at Winter Time

If you are wanting to plant a living urn to commemorate a loved one, you might be wondering if you can still do it during the wintertime. The simple answer is - yes! As long as the ground is not frozen, it is possible to plan your tree. Due to the weather getting colder towards the end of the year, it is a good idea to try and plant your tree memorial at least a few weeks before the ground freezes or the extreme cold weather arrives so your tree has the chance to "root in."

What if the ground is already frozen?

If the ground is already frozen and you are wanting to use a bio urn to plant a memory tree, there are a few different options. You could choose:

The Living Urn with a Tree (and select a future shipment date): This means you can receive your Living Urn bio urn and planting system immediately, but the tree you select will be shipped ready for planting on a date of your choice. This can be noted when you check out on our website, or you can give our customer service team a call.

The Living Urn with a tree voucher: This option means you will receive The Living Urn bio urn and planting system alongside a voucher that enables you to select your tree and the date you want it delivered at a future time. This option gives you the flexibility to choose a date and tree type that suits you.

The Living Urn system only: With this option you receive The Living Urn bio urn and planting system, then when you are ready you can go to your local nursery to pick out a tree and follow the instructions that come with the Living Urn. This will detail what to do and how to plant your tree in memory of your loved one.

The Living Urn Indoors/Patio: Here you will receive a dignified urn that is crafted from high-quality porcelain in your choice of colour. Your loved ones ashes will be encased within this and you can then plant a bonsai tree or plant on top of it to commemorate your loved one. This urn also has an option to place cut flowers in the centre, so you could add in your loved ones favourite flowers as well as introduce some extra colour to your home.

The Plant Urn: This comes in the form of a handcrafted wooden indoor planter urn that has an inner chamber to hold the cremated ashes. The top half of the urn is designed to hold a succulent or other small plant, making for a beautiful and dignified way of remembering your loved one.

Eco Home Urn: The Eco Home urn as the name suggests is an eco-friendly urn made from bamboo that is a sustainable resource. It comes in an all-natural cotton bag to hold your loved ones ashes and can also be personalised. You could have your loved one's date of birth and passing, name and any other information engraved on top.