Planting Ashes into a tree, whats does this mean?

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy and you will want to give them the send off they deserve. If you choose to have them cremated, it used to be that you either kept the ashes in an urn at home or scattered them in a place that meant something to the deceased. While this is a nice way to remember them, there are many other ways to keep their memory alive and give them a memorable send off - one being planting ashes into a tree. Also known as a tree pod burial or a memory tree, this is a beautiful way to commemorate your loved one and also keep their memory alive in a unique way. 

How does a tree burial work?

The process of a tree burial is only possible due to Living Urn’s patented BioUrn® and Planting System which has been designed with years of research but is very easy to use. Simply place your loved one's cremated remains in the BioUrn® and add Living Urns proprietary RootProtect® additive on top. Next, lower the roots of your young tree into our special BioUrn®, add premium growth mix, and plant it in the ground. 


Now watch as the memory tree grows over time, representing rebirth and giving back to the planet. You can visit at any time to remember, knowing your loved one is always there with you. 

Why choose a tree burial?

Tree burials have become increasingly popular due to the beautiful and unique way of honouring your loved one's life. Many people enjoy the outdoors, spending time with nature and the freedom of being outside. If that’s something your loved one enjoyed doing, then what better way to celebrate their life than by planting a tree in their memory? There are many trees that you can choose from to remember them, the process is eco friendly and it’s a good way to give back. 

Advantages of a tree burial

There are a whole range of advantages to a tree burial, making it easy to decide on whether you think a tree burial for your loved one is the right thing to do. 

It Is Eco Friendly

Traditional burials can be harmful to the environment and with other more environmentally conscious ways out there, why not try one? Tree burials are done through The Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System. This is completely natural and is biodegradable reducing the effect the burial will have on the planet. 

It’s A Way Of Giving back 

Planting a memory tree is not only a way to commemorate a recently passed life, but it is also a way to give back to the world. Trees help purify the air through the oxygen they produce, they can bring beauty to their surroundings and help sustain wildlife. By planting another tree to add to this, you can rest assured you have helped to give back to the environment and benefit the wildlife that surrounds it.

A calming location 

A tree burial is often in a place that is full of greenery, an area that is calming, where you can relax and remember your loved one. The memory tree could be planted in your back garden or in a place they often went to visit. You could have it planted in a memory forest, garden of remembrance, or a local park. Just make sure that once you’ve chosen your location, you get the landowners permission if this is necessary.

A tree burial enables you to remember your loved one every time you see the memory tree you planted and it’s a way to give back to the planet as life will continue to grow. It’s eco-friendly and you can choose their favourite tree, planting it in a place they liked to go to. To find out more about The Living Urn® BioUrn® and Planting System, take a look at our website or give us a call.