Memory Trees and Their Meanings

Memory Trees and their meanings  

For as long as records can find, trees have always had a host of hidden meanings. If you choose a memory tree for your loved one’s ashes, you are going to want a tree that reminds you of the person who has passed and their values. A memory tree is a truly beautiful way to commemorate someone and this adds an extra dimension to the plant you grow with their ashes. Here are some of the top memory trees and their meanings. 

What is a memory tree?

With the Living Urn, you can grow a living memory tree or plant of your loved one with their patented bio urn and planting system. Simple to use, you add the ashes to the special urn which is then combined with the bag of ash agent, RootProtect® before being placed in a planting hole in the ground. Your tree of choice is then planted on top and soil is used to fill the gaps around this. Your tree will then continue to grow from the BioUrn into a beautiful living memorial dedicated to your loved one.

What are different memory tree meanings?

Once you have decided to plant a memory tree, you need to decide on the type of tree you wish to use. Here we take a look at some of the most popular types of memory tree and their meanings. 

Bay Trees

Bay trees are a popular memory tree choice thanks to their durability and elegant look. It is simple to look after and can last well in winter, making it a good choice particularly if you need to plant the tree in the colder months. The bay tree symbolises courage and strength and can also be a sign of the ability to withstand difficult circumstances.

Beech Copper Trees

Most notable thanks to its deep copper and red leaves, this beech tree is a beautiful memory tree option. It is hard-wearing through the winter months and can grow in most types of soil. This tree type signifies change and prosperity and is also believed to enhance creativity and wisdom.

Willow Trees

Willow trees are beautifully shaped with yellow leaves in spring and green ones in the summer. They are hardy trees that can survive cold winters and almost any soil type making them ideal for the UK climate. Willow trees symbolise hope, belonging, and safety and offer the ability to let go of pain and suffering for growth. This can be a beautiful memento for someone who has passed onto the next phase of their life cycle and would want you to feel safe and secure even in their absence.

Apple Trees

Apple trees are another popular memory tree example thanks to their hardiness and also their beautiful structure. With beautiful blossoms in the spring and bright leaves in the warmer months, they are a delight to look at and spend time near. Apple trees are said to symbolise good health and future happiness and are also known as being the "tree of love." These are all important factors that you might look for when choosing a tree to commemorate a loved one who has passed.

Cherry Blossom Trees

Cherry blossom trees are one of the first trees to flower in the spring and as such make a beautiful option for a memory tree. They grow well in most types of soil and can thrive all year round. As well as being beautiful, cherry blossom trees are known to remind people to live in the moment and revel in the beauty of life. This makes them a great option for a loved one who always lived for the moment and was very full of life.

Eucalyptus Trees

Eucalyptus trees are another hard-wearing type of tree and as such are very popular in the UK. It is an evergreen tree that has leaves all year round, turning from silver to a blue-green, to an orange-copper shade through the changing seasons. Eucalyptus trees can often be recognised by their distinguishably sweet odour all year round which makes it even nicer to visit. Eucalyptus is said to represent the tree of life and have a purifying, cleansing effect to clear away any negative energy in the space it resides. It also symbolises strength, leadership and healing, all of which can be traits you look for when a loved one has passed.

Memory trees really are a beautiful and special way to commemorate a loved one. To find out more about memory trees and our patented BioUrn, get in touch with us at the Living Urn today. We would love to speak more with you about your requirements and answer any questions that you might have.