Memory Tree - What it is, Where to Plant, Is it a Good Choice for My Family?

Memory Tree - What it is, Where to Plant, Is it a Good Choice for My Family?

Having a loved one pass away is heartbreaking for all those that knew them and this is why it is a nice idea to find a way to keep their memory alive. There are many different ways that you can do this and how you choose to honour your loved one is up to you. One way that is becoming increasingly more popular is a memory tree. A memory tree is essentially a tree that is planted in memory of the family member or loved one that has passed away. This can be planted in a private property of the person’s choice, their own back garden or even a park (so long as the correct permission is gained.) If these don’t appeal, or if you want something different, it is worth looking into a Memory Forest which is a beautiful spot and an alternative to a traditional burial choice. Memory Forests are often favoured for being a more natural and peaceful way to remember those that are unfortunately no longer with us.

Can trees replace gravestones?

A memory tree can also be known as a remembrance tree and depending on the memory forest location you can choose between a whole host of different tree types. The way that you choose to have a memory tree is down to you and you can either have it as a replacement to a gravestone to go and visit your loved one, or you can have it in addition to this. Some people don't like the idea of visiting the memorial of their loved one in a cemetery that is surrounded by other gravestones and find this a more upsetting way to pay their respects and feel close to them. Instead, they prefer something that is easily accessible and feels more full of life - such as a memory forest.

If you plant a memory tree, can you still bury your loved one?

When it comes to memory trees, don’t think that this means you can’t bury your loved one as well. Plenty of people decide to do both and some choose to do both at the same place. By having a gravestone to visit as well as a memory tree you can leave flowers at one site and also have a beautiful route to walk and remember your loved one.

How do I choose the right tree? 

The type of tree you choose for your memory tree is a unique choice that is completely down to you. You could base it on the meaning behind a specific tree, For example, redwood trees mean forever, elm means inner strength and willows represent inner wisdom, dreams, freedom and harmony. You might also know there is a particular tree that your loved one really enjoyed and choose it based on this. It is important to keep in mind the climate of where the tree will be and the different sun and water levels that it might need.

Memory Forests (instead of a cemetery)

There are many Memory Forests located around the UK and they are becoming an increasingly more popular way to commemorate and remember a loved one. When you are looking to remember them in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere where you can reminisce, walk and be surrounded by the life of nature, then there really is nowhere better. Some of the destinations that you can plant a Memory Forest includes:

  • Beacon Fell, The Mosses
  • Blackburn Community
  • Blagdon Lake
  • Calf Lane
  • Chester
  • Chew Valley Lake
  • Chinnock Hollow
  • Clowes Park
  • Dove Stone Reservoir
  • Durleigh Meadows
  • Hartshead Moor
  • Lymm
  • Mersey Meadows
  • Scorton Picnic Site
  • Tandle Hill
  • Woodgate Hill
  • Wythenshawe Park

Is a Memory Forest right for me? 

Memory Forests are a peaceful and natural way to remember your loved one. They can provide a relaxing space for you to go and be with your thoughts, reminisce about them and remember while you walk around. They can feel more calming and somewhere that your family (particularly children) will be able to visit too. You can plant a tree in a Memory Forest in addition to other more traditional ways or you can do this on its own, it is completely up to you.