Memory Tree Ideas - What To Plant

Since the Living Urn first introduced its patented bio urn and planting system a few years ago, there have been tens of thousands of memory trees planted around the world. Memory trees are a great way of commemorating a loved one that has passed while also giving something back to the environment. If you are looking to plant a memory tree in honour of a loved one, there are so many options for you to choose from that it can feel a little bit of a minefield. Here are some top tips on the different memorial trees you can choose from.


Dogwood is a very popular tree for a memory tree and is said to represent determination and kindness. It is a beautiful type of tree, with raindrop petals in a soft white colour and plenty of light green leaves. Dogwood is a popular plant in the UK and can grow in many soil types, though it prefers damp conditions, making the UK's wet climate ideal for this. Dogwoods tend to grow to a height of between 15-25 feet and grow about 1-2 feet each year.

A bay tree

A bay tree symbolises strength and courage and can be a beautiful way to remember a loved one. Bay trees are known for having a beautiful aromatic leaf that is lovely to be around and has an elegant stance. Bay trees aren't the biggest, meaning they look just as good planted in a memory forest or at home in a planter - the choice is yours. While the bay tree is native to the Mediterranean it has been cultivated in the UK for the past five centuries, meaning it has adapted well to our climate making it the ideal option to commemorate a loved one.

Silver birch

A silver birch tree is another favoured memory tree, thanks to its symbolism of hope, regeneration and new beginnings. Many like to plant memory trees as they like the thought of their loved ones being remembered by a new life that can grow from their ashes. It helps to build a connection and make people feel closer to those that have passed. A silver birch tree is an elegant, medium-sized tree that has leaves that droop down and soft yellow flowers that blossom.

Oak Trees

An oak tree is said to be a strong and powerful tree, making it the perfect memorial tree. Known as the king of the woods, it will grow for hundreds of years to come, providing comfort to your family and friends for generations to come. These are generally planted to remember a male member of your life such as a father, grandfather or husband, but also be used to represent any strong figure you love that has passed.

Hazel trees

Hazel trees are a popular choice thanks to their large and beautiful stance and the fact that they represent learning and wisdom. This can be a great choice for someone that was very wise, inspiring or loved to learn new things. Hazel trees can reach heights of 12 metres and can live for several decades. In spring this tree has beautiful catkins (also called lamb tails) that blossom on its branches and in Autumn it produces hazelnuts. It is a beautiful tree all year round.

A cherry tree

Cherry trees are another favourite memory tree type. The meanings behind this tree are good fortune, new beginnings and revival, something that are all positive connotations behind a loved one that has passed. Cherry trees have beautiful glossy green leaves that grow all year round meaning no matter the month you can visit a beautiful plant to remember your loved one. In the spring the tree will bloom with pale, scented flowers that turn into cherries

Are you looking to plant a memory tree to honour a loved one? Be sure to check out our range of memory trees as well as our top tips and advice here. A memory tree is a beautiful and long-lasting way to commemorate someone that has passed and will give you a beautiful and peaceful place to visit and think of them. There are so many memory trees out there, try to think of the personality of the person that has passed and what trees would best reflect and commemorate them. Look at the hidden meanings behind the different types and utilise this when it comes to choosing the best one for you.