How To Honour Your Pet Once They've Passed

How To Honour Your Pet Once They've Passed

Pets can often feel just as much a part of your family as anyone else and therefore when they pass, it can hit very hard. When this happens, you are going to want to honour your pet in the best way possible. Here we have put together a few ways that you can honour your pet after they pass.

Hold a burial or memorial ceremony

One of the most common ways to commemorate the passing of a pet is to hold a memorial ceremony for them. This allows you to say goodbye to them and also physically place them to rest. This can be a very helpful part of the grieving process for moving forward. You could bury them in your back garden or look into a pet ceremony for their burial. In the ceremony, you can say a few words, a poem or anything that might make you feel closer to the pet and say a final farewell.

Plant a tree in their honour

Another great way to honour your pet is with a new tree or plant in your garden. This could be a plant that you know they used to like, or perhaps a different plant that you put in an area they used to like to sit. If your pet was cremated, you could also look into using some or all of your pet's ashes with The Living Urn during planting. 

Put together an album of photos

A great way to remember your beloved pet is with a photo album. Collect together a range of photos of treasured moments with your pet. You can easily get these printed out online or in a shop and then put them together in an album. You could decide to do it yourself, or order a photo book online. This book can then be kept on your coffee table or on a bookshelf - anywhere that means it’s close by whenever you want to feel closer to your pet. It can be nice to sit and go through the book with your child, helping them to choose the type of album and some of the photos you include.

Donate to a local animal rescue centre or charity

Animal charities are always looking for donations so why not honour your pet passing with a contribution to help other animals that are in need? It could be that there is a specific shelter you want to help - perhaps you got your pet from there in the past - or maybe you want to support a small local charity. No matter what you decide, this selfless act is a great way to do something good and know that you are improving the lives of other animals out there.

These are just a few ways that you can honour your pet in the best way possible. Losing a pet is difficult and don’t be afraid to show emotions and share your thoughts and feelings with those around you. If you are considering a pet cremation, take a look at our different range of Living Urns for the ashes of your pet.