How to commemorate a pet with a memorial stone

Losing a pet can feel like you have lost one of the family, particularly if they have been with you for a long time. Their missing presence can be hard and it can feel like you don’t have a proper outlet for your grief. While we often have funerals and then somewhere to go and visit our relatives or friends when they pass away, there isn’t often the same thing for pets. This is where pet memorial stones come in. A similar concept to a gravestone or plaque, these are designed to provide a memorial to your pet and somewhere that you can visit and feel close to them.

What is a memorial stone?

A memorial stone tends to be made from a hard-wearing stone such as marble or granite that can withstand the test of time and any weather elements that might cause damage. The stone or plaque tends to have a picture or some text engraved on it that says a few words about them. This tends to be the name and date of passing of the pet, but can also have a sentence or two in memory of them. The Living Urn has a range of high-quality pet memorial stones that are the perfect way to commemorate your furry friend once they have passed.

Where can I put my pet memorial stone?

Where you decide to leave your pet memorial stone is down to you, but it’s most common to place it in the garden. This is because you don’t need to ask any permission in order to do this, don’t risk it being damaged by others and you can also visit it whenever you like. Why not place it under a tree where they liked to sit? Or a particular spot that holds a cherished memory for you with them? Have a think about what feels right and discuss it with your other family members too.

What’s the best way to symbolise the placing of the memorial stone?

Some people might prefer to place the stone in the desired spot and leave it at that, while others might prefer to do something more. It could be that you have had your pet’s ashes cremated and you want to scatter them at a certain part in your garden and follow up with placing the stone, or perhaps you also want to plant a memory tree for them. It could be you want to hold a mini funeral service for them as a family and this can be a nice way to get closure and grieve together. You could read a poem or say a few words, placing the stone and remembering your pet’s life as you do so. 

What other ways can I commemorate my pet?

As well as pet memorial stones, there are a host of other ways that you can pay tribute to your pet. You could decide to use a pet urn to hold your pet's ashes - this can be a nice way to remember them and keep part of them close by. You might choose to scatter your pet's ashes as mentioned above, or perhaps you might want to grow a memory tree. It’s important to think about what you want for your pet and do what feels right for you and your family. Remember there is no rush and it’s down to you to decide how and when to grieve your pet.