How to Begin a New Year After a Loss

No matter the time of year, experiencing the loss of a loved one is difficult. But losing someone near to the New Year period can pose a set of challenges all by itself. It could be that you've lost that person you had new year plans with, or someone who you always used to celebrate the holiday with. No matter what it is, the end of year sense of finality can feel so much worse if you have just lost someone close to you. However, the new year does also offer an opportunity for new beginnings. Here are some tips to help you through.

Set yourself goals for the year ahead 

One of the best ways to handle your grief as you head into a new year is to set yourself goals that you can tick off. Ensure they are manageable, realistic and are either helpful or something that you can enjoy. It could be that you want to take up a new hobby such as learning to bake, perhaps you want to exercise more, or maybe you want to adopt a pet. Whatever you decide, these are your own personal achievements for you to work on throughout the year. You will get a real sense of accomplishment that can help you get through your grief.

Keep their memory alive

It is also a lovely idea to do what you can to keep your loved one's memory alive. While you might not be ready for a while, when you are, there are many ways you can do this.

Indoor urns - An indoor urn can be a comforting way to keep your loved one near as you work your way through the new year. The Living Urn has three types of indoor urn - the EcoHome urn, the Indoor urn and the planter urn. Each has its own set of benefits depending on what you prefer. Be sure to do your research and find the best one for you. The EcoHome urn is handcrafted from bamboo and designed to look like a small chest. It is elegant, understated and will work with any home decor style. An Indoor urn is made from ceramic and has two compartments, one to hold the ashes and the other to grow a beautiful bonsai tree or houseplant. Planter urns are made from artisan-designed wood and polished to a warm glow. It's designed to look more like a piece of art than an urn and there is a space carved out on the top for a small houseplant. 

Memory trees - Memory trees are another lovely way to keep the memory of your loved one alive. These trees are grown from the ashes of your departed loved one and as the tree grows, it marks the journey of healing you are embarking on. It can soon become a comforting spot to feel close to your loved one where you can reminisce about your time spent together.

Memorial stones - Memorial stones can be placed either inside or outside and are a beautiful way to remember and honour your loved one. They are made from durable material such as granite and can be customised with images and words such as your loved ones name, date of birth and death and a sentimental saying or phrase. 

Glass keepsakes - These are another beautiful way to remember and honour your loved one. This works by having a portion of their ashes placed into a glass keepsake such as a necklace, orb or touchstone and can be created in your loved ones favourite colours. You can choose to either display this in your home, keep it in a safe place or keep it on you.