How much does pet cremation cost?

As every pet owner who has lost a furry friend knows, it can be one of the hardest things you ever have to go to. Your pets are part of your family and when they go it can leave a big hole in your life. When you’re dealing with this grief, the last thing you want is to be shocked by a hefty vet bill for their cremation. This is why, while it might not be the most pleasant thing to think about, it’s a good idea to look into how much pet cremation costs before the time comes. This way you will be prepared and can focus on giving your pet a proper send-off. So what can impact the cost of cremation? And what should you expect?

What happens during a pet cremation?

Pet cremation works in a similar way to human cremation. Your pet will be placed into an incinerator at extremely high temperatures and they are usually in there for around two hours. The pet ashes will then be transferred to an urn (if you've chosen one) or another form of container to be returned to you. In some places you can watch the cremation through a window and in some you can be in the cremation room itself. Other places might not let you watch, it can be dependent on where you go.

What are the costs involved with pet cremation and what can impact it?

If you have an individual or communal cremation

When your pet’s cremated you can opt for either an individual or communal cremation. Communal is cheaper as your pet will be cremated alongside others, making it more cost-effective. The downside to this is that you can't guarantee your pet's ashes will be included in the ones you get back. The cost of this tends to range from £45 to £80 depending on where you go.

If you opt for an individual cremation your pet will be cremated on their own and you can guarantee the ashes you get back are theirs. The cost of this usually starts at around £95 but can be more depending on a factors such as those outlined below. 

How big your pet is

The larger your pet is, the longer it will take for the cremation to happen which can impact the cost. Some categorise their pricing structure depending on how much your pet weighs. This usually starts cheaper and then goes up according to the bracket they are put into. Speak to individual crematoriums to find out their criteria and individual prices for this.

Whereabouts the pet cremation will take place

While most crematoriums have similar prices, the location can play a part in what you pay. If your pet is cremated in a big city, for example, it might cost more than if it were to take place in a small town. It’s worth doing your research to find out the more cost-effective solution for you.

The type of urn you select for your pet

There are a few different types of urn you can select for your pet and these can also affect the price. The living urn can be a beautiful option as it enables your pet to be planted into a tree. This can create a lovely spot for you to sit and reminisce about them, as well as have a permanent reminder of them in your garden or somewhere you used to take them. The living urn costs £124.99 and can also be engraved with a picture or message. You could also opt for indoor urns if you are planning on keeping their ashes on display in your home. The amount of detail and the size of these can affect the price and they tend to start from £149. Other options include scattering, burial and water urns depending on the type of send-off you are looking for.

If you have insurance

Some pet insurance policies can cover cremation, which will make it cheaper. This isn’t true of all policies, however, so be sure to read through it carefully to check the terms. When taking out insurance, it’s worth adding this on to save you the costs in the long run.

Pet cremation is never a nice thing to go through, but by being as prepared as possible you can just focus on giving your pet the send-off they deserve. To find out more about our range of special pet urns and to ask for any advice from our expert team, please get in touch with us today.