How a Living Urn Helps the Memory of Your Loved One Live On

The grief of losing a loved one is one of the hardest things you will ever experience in your life. Their departing can leave a huge hole that you struggle to fill and many a time you will want to just speak to or feel close to them. This is why when it comes to the time to bury your loved one, you should choose an option that enables their memory to live on. By choosing a Living Urn you can feel close to them and as though they’re never too far away. The number of memory trees being planted with a living urn is on the rise - we look at why this is and how it can help you. 

What is a living urn memory tree?

The Living Urn is a patented urn that you can place your loved ones' ashes in before adding The Living Urn RootProtect® additive on top. A tree of your choice is then lowered into the urn and planted in the ground. Over time, this plant or tree will grow interspersed with the cremated remains of a loved one, making it a beautiful way to keep your loved one's memory alive.

The BioUrn is a carefully developed product that was designed with assistance from soil scientists and arborists to ensure the ashes don't negatively impact the tree or plant growth meaning it can grow and thrive over time. This means your loved one's legacy can live on for decades to come as a memorial tree for your garden.

How can a living urn memory tree help the legacy of your loved one live on?

Once you have planted your memory tree, it’s so lovely to have something that you can visit and feel as though your loved one is right there with you. But what can you do with this tree to make you feel even more connected to the person that has passed? Whether you choose a memorial tree for your garden or a memory forest, there are plenty of choices. Some ideas include:

Set up a seating area next to the memory tree

A memory tree can create a place of peaceful solitude where you can chat to your loved one and feel close to them. Make it even easier to spend time with them by having a dedicated seating area. This could be a bench that you perhaps have engraved with a message on, a chair or a seat swing. No matter what you choose, make it a place that helps you feel peaceful and connected to the one that has passed. 

Lay a memorial stone

A memorial stone is another way that can help you feel close to your loved one and enhance the spot where you have buried your living urn. This is often a popular choice if the tree is planted in a memorial forest or more of a public space as it helps to distinguish it from the other trees and plants around. This can be detailed with their name, date of passing and any other inscription that you see fit. If you’ve opted for a memorial tree for your garden, it’s a nice added extra.

Hold an annual gathering with friends and family members

Having a dedicated place to go and knowing that’s where your loved one is laid to rest can be a real solace. It also gives you somewhere that you can gather friends and family and remember them together. On the anniversary of your loved one’s passing or perhaps on their birthday or another occasion, you can round everyone up and do something near the tree. Perhaps you could have a picnic and share your favourite memories together? There are many options here so consider the time of year, the weather and what the person who has passed would have enjoyed. 

Take pride in looking after the tree

Another way a living urn helps the memory of your loved one to live on is that it gives you something to focus on that is dedicated to them. By taking care of the tree or plant and regularly watering and maintaining it, you can feel like you are doing something for them. It can also be a lovely project to keep your mind off the grief and help you to cope. You can speak to your loved one as you work and it can be a way to help you connect. 

A living urn memory tree is a beautiful way of helping you feel close to someone who has passed. To find out more about The Living Urn’s memory trees or if you have any questions, please check out our website or get in touch, we would love to help.