Creative ideas for a special memorial

If your loved one has recently passed away, what better way to honour their lives than by doing something imaginative during their memorial. Whilst saying goodbye to a loved one can be very emotional, it’s a time to celebrate the person they are and an opportunity to reflect on the things that they enjoyed throughout their life. There are many creative ideas you can do to remember your loved one. This could include creating a scrapbook, writing a song or poem, floating lanterns, planting a tree or a customised star map. Below we look at four creative ideas for a special memorial. 

Create a scrapbook of your loved one's life 

Create an everlasting remembrance of your loved one by putting together a scrapbook with all your memories of them. Take a walk down memory lane and collate as many photos as you can, print them and put together a book that documents all the special moments you spent together. Ask your friends and family members to send you their photos and any fond memories they have that you can include within the book. You can display this book at their memorial for everyone to see and then share it around throughout the years as a way to remember them and relive the special memories in the past. 

Floating Lanterns 

Floating lanterns are a very popular thing to do when celebrating a loved one's life. It’s done across many countries and gives everyone a chance to reflect and remember all their fond memories. It creates a beautiful picture in the sky and allows everyone to be together at once, creating a few moments of happiness whilst you all reminisce. To make the moment more memorable, why not read out a poem that you’ve written yourself or listen to some calming music. 

Open Mic Night 

Music often brings people together and what better way to honour a loved one than singing their favourite songs? It can be a joyous occasion for you all and give you a chance to share your fond memories together. You can read a poem you’ve written over the mic, talk about your experiences with your loved one or simply sing to your heart's content. The night will be full of emotions with tears, happiness and laughter. If you are feeling daring, you could always write your own song! For the people who can’t make it, you can stream live over your social media channels. 

Fireworks display 

As well as creating a scrapbook, why not have a fireworks display? A fireworks display is often considered as a celebration so what better way than to put on your own to honour your loved one's life. It will bring everyone together and give guests time to talk about their fond memories amongst themselves. You can play your loved one’s favourite songs during the display and depending on the company you use, add some of your loved one's ashes to the fireworks. It can be a beautiful display and the perfect sending off. 

Make a drink in their honour 

Many of us enjoy a trip to the pub or a cocktail at a bar throughout our lives. If this is something your loved one enjoyed doing, then having a drink made in their honour is very fitting. Craft a cocktail that includes the spirit that your loved one used to drink and enjoy it with your friends and family members. You could bottle the cocktail and have a personalised label created to give out to people at the memorial service. Remember the recipe and recreate it each year as a way to remember your loved one. 

These are just a few suggestions of many creative ideas that you could consider for a special memorial. If you are looking for an urn to give your loved one the sending off they deserve, check out our range on The Living Urn where you can find a range of different options depending on the memorial service you are holding.