8 Facts About Your Options When It Comes To Green Burials

The way people are choosing to be buried is changing. People are shunning methods such as traditional burials and instead opting for green burials. We enter the world naturally and many people are wanting to leave it the same way. Many traditional methods of burial aren't very environmentally friendly and involve releasing harmful emissions into the air or the ground. If you’re considering a green burial for yourself or it was something a relative or close friend wanted, you might be wondering what it entails. Here we have put together eight facts about your options when it comes to green burials.

It is more environmentally friendly

Green burials are more environmentally friendly in a host of ways. The caskets themselves are made from biodegradable material to help them decompose naturally and easily. They also don't release as many chemicals to the environment as typical embalming chemicals aren't used.

It is more cost-effective

The process of a green burial is less complex than that of a traditional benefit, keeping the cost down. Due to embalming not being used, it doesn't take as long to get the body prepared for burial. The eco-friendly materials of the coffin are also cheaper to source and make, bringing this cost down too.

There are many casket options to choose from

Eco-friendly caskets are made from natural and sustainable materials that don't release chemicals or harm the environment when they decompose into the earth. Some of the most common materials for them to be made from include wicker, cardboard, bamboo, and soft wood.

You can have an eco-friendly ceremony

Just because it’s an eco-friendly burial doesn’t mean you can’t hold a ceremony. Instead, why not opt for an outdoor, eco-friendly ceremony. Try and hold it outside somewhere beautiful so you don't need to use decorations or electricity. You should also try and use no plastic if you're serving any food and drink. 

It helps the workers that conduct the burials

When workers embalm bodies, they are exposed to high levels of toxic chemicals that can be harmful for them. This could include carcinogens and formaldehyde which can have health implications in the long run. Green burials tend to forego chemicals and instead opt for natural oils that aren't harmful to the workers or the environment.

It can take place in a myriad of locations 

There are a host of places where a green burial can take place. In the UK, there are now over 220 natural burial grounds including local, natural, green, and woodland burial sites. Consider the location your loved one would have wanted and what sort of environment they would have preferred.

It can take place at any time of year

Another great thing about green burials is that they can be done any time of year just as with other more conventional burials. You aren’t stuck with waiting for certain weather conditions or other constraints.

It can help with the grieving process

Green burials are a way for people to see death as part of the natural life cycle - starting their life through nature and ending it by going back into nature. This can help people to process what’s happened and to aid with the grieving process too.

These are just eight of the main facts about your options when it comes to green burials. You can find out more about green burials and other eco-friendly options here.