2021 Memorial Service Ideas

Memorial Service Ideas for 2021

When your loved one has passed, you want to honour them in a way that they would love and that fits the person they were when they were alive. More people than ever are turning to cremation thanks to its lower costs and other range of benefits. These new and unique memorial ceremonies can vary in tone and style and be tailored to truly commemorate the loved one who has passed. Below we have put together a list of top interesting and unique memorial services that you might consider.

Think carefully about the decor

For a memorial service, there are a host of different decor items that you can have to really add your own touch and feel to it. This could include:


A lot of people decide to have photos of their loved ones at the memorial. This can be anything from photo boards to photo albums or photos scattered around on tables and stands. It is a great way to reflect on the one who has passed’s life and remember the good times.

A Story table:

As well as photos, why not have a story table? This is a table that displays both images of the one that has passed as well as items that represent who they were. This could be anything from their collectables to awards and trinkets that they used to love. It can be nice to place this in the entrance by the guestbook where people can sign and remember that person.

Colourful plants and flowers

 If your loved one was a fan of flowers, then why not decorate the space with these? It could be that their name was something like Rose or Heather, in which case why not get those flowers to adorn the space with? Adding flowers, which are a symbol of life, can bring joy to the space and make the service more personal and colourful at the same time.

A memorial stone

This is a beautiful object to display at a memorial service and can be personalised with your loved one's information, a photo and symbols that relate to them. Once the service is over you can take it home and place it somewhere that reminds you of them.

An engraved urn

It is a nice idea to display the urn of your loved one at their memorial and why not have it engraved? The Living Urn or the Eco Water Urn comes in an outer bamboo casing and can be engraved with your loved one’s information such as name, date of birth and passing, a symbol and sentiment. The Eco Scattering Urn can have engraving done directly on it and can serve as a beautiful centrepiece for the memorial. 

Remember the loved one as a group 

There are many group participation ideas you can do at a memorial that gets everyone involved. Why not set up a station where people can write a message or their name on a stone? This can then be read aloud in the service or placed in a special place outside that the person who passed used to love. You could also consider an open mic to share stories or construct a cairn together that can be placed over the plot where the person is buried or where their ashes were scattered.

What to include during a memorial service

During a memorial service, there are many things that you can include. Why not put together a memorial video or slide show that you can play during the service? You could have music played by someone that you hire, someone in the family or digitally. Incorporate some of the music that the person who passed used to love or that reminds you of them. You could also choose to release some doves, lanterns or balloons in memory of the one who has passed.

The final disposition at a memorial service

More families are including the scattering of the ashes as part of the memorial service. This can take place at home, in the ocean or at a destination that the person who has passed used to love. You can use a scattering urn such as the Eco Scattering or Eco Water urn which make it easy to scatter the ashes of your loved one in the best way possible. You could also opt to bury ashes with a biodegradable burial urn or plant a tree with a tree burial at the end of the memorial service.

These are just a few memorial service ideas for 2021 that can help to give the one that has passed a send-off they would have loved.